Sunday (24 July 2016)




Monday (25 July 2016)

10:00–11:00 INVITED TALK (chair: Frank Van Eynde):
  Manfred Sailer:
Definite meaning and definite marking (slides) yt_18_13.png
11:00–11:30 COFFEE
11:30–13:00 SESSION 1 (chair: Berthold Crysmann)
  Dag Haug and David Goldstein:
Second-position clitics and the syntax-prosody interface: The case of Ancient Greek (slides) yt_18_13.png
  Stephen Jones:
The syntax-prosody interface in Korean: resolving ambiguity in questions yt_18_13.png
13:00–14:00 LUNCH
14:00–15:30 SESSION 2 (chair: Doug Arnold)
  Takafumi Maekawa:
Seminumerals, determiners and nouns in English (handout) yt_18_13.png
  John Lowe:
Mixed Categories and Participles: syntax and morphology (handout) yt_18_13.png
15:30–16:00 COFFEE
16:00–17:30 SESSION 3 (chair: Dag Haug)
  Tina Bögel:
The Swabian first person singular pronoun at the syntax–prosody interface (slides)
  Frank Richter:
Integrating Categorematic Unreducible Polyadic Quantifiers in LRS (slides)

Tuesday (26 July 2016)

09:30–11:00 SESSION 1 (chair: Mary Dalrymple)
  Helge Lødrup:
Verbal present participles in Norwegian: Controlled complements or parts of complex predicates (handout)
  Tali Arad Greshler, Livnat Herzig Sheinfux, Nurit Melnik and Shuly Wintner:
Seeking control in Modern Standard Arabic (slides)
11:00–11:30 COFFEE
11:30–13:00 SESSION 2 (chair: I Wayan Arka)
  Dorothee Beermann and Lars Hellan:
Switched Control and other 'uncontrolled' cases of obligatory control (slides, appendix) yt_18_13.png
  Oleg Belyaev:
Ergative gender agreement in Dargwa: "Backward Control" or feature sharing? (slides) yt_18_13.png
13:00–14:00 LUNCH
14:00–15:30 POSTER SESSION (chairs: Agnieszka Patejuk and Adam Przepiórkowski):
  Kersti Börjars and John Payne:
Adjectival definiteness marking and noun-phrase internal functions (poster, handout)
  Luis Chiruzzo and Dina Wonsever:
Transforming the AnCora corpus to HPSG (poster)
  Alexandra Fiotaki and Katerina Tzortzi:
Obligatory Object Control constructions in Greek: an LFG/XLE treatment (poster)
  Lachlan Duncan:
On the Perfect Tense-Aspect in K'ichee'an Mayan: An LFG Approach (poster)
  David Moeljadi, Francis Bond and Luís Morgado Da Costa:
Basic Copula Clauses in Indonesian (poster, grammar)
  Stefan Müller:
Template-based constructionist approaches or f-structures? (poster)
  David Lahm:
Refining the Semantics of Lexical Rules (poster)
  Lionel Clément and Sekou Diao:
For a unified treatment of particle verbs (poster)
  Anna Kibort:
The argument structure of causatives (poster)
  Hyun Jong Hahm:
Politeness and Number in Chuukese
15:30–16:00 COFFEE
16:00–17:30 SESSION 3 (chair: Olivier Bonami)
  I Wayan Arka:
Externally and internally headed relative clauses in Marori (slides) yt_18_13.png
  Berthold Crysmann:
An underspecification approach to Hausa resumption (slides)
18:30– CONFERENCE DINNER at Cafe Zamek

Wednesday (27 July 2016)

10:00–11:00 INVITED TALK (chair: Ron Kaplan):
  Tracy Holloway King:
Theoretical linguistics and grammar engineering as mutually constraining disciplines (slides) yt_18_13.png
11:00–11:30 COFFEE
11:30–13:00 SESSION 1 (chair: Shuichi Yatabe)
  Anne Abeillé and Aoi Shiraishi:
Verbal mismatch in Right-Node Raising (slides)
  Tibor Laczkó:
Fully Syntactic, Fully Lexical, or In-Between? Remarks on the Architectures of Generative Grammars (slides)
13:00–14:00 LUNCH
14:00–15:30 SESSION 2 (chair: Anna Kibort)
  Agnieszka Patejuk and Adam Przepiórkowski:
Grammatical functions: a problematic fundamental concept of LFG? (slides)
  Adam Przepiórkowski:
How not to distinguish arguments from adjuncts in LFG (slides)
15:30–16:00 COFFEE
16:00–17:30 SESSION 3 (chair: Miriam Butt)
  Andreas Pankau:
Quirky Subjects in Icelandic, Faroese, and German – A Relational Account (handout) yt_18_13.png
  Sandy Ritchie:
Two cases of prominent internal possessor constructions (slides)

Thursday (28 July 2016)

09:30–11:00 SESSION 1 (chair: John Lowe)
  Frank Van Eynde:
How regular a pattern in these labyrinths of constructions ! (slides)
  Doug Arnold and Christopher Lucas:
One of Those Constructions that Really Needs a Proper Analysis (slides)
11:00–11:30 COFFEE
11:30–13:00 SESSION 2 (chair: Louisa Sadler)
  Ryo Otoguro and Liselotte Snijders:
Syntactic, Semantic and Information Structures of Floating Quantifiers (slides, handout) yt_18_13.png
  Shuichi Yatabe:
Medial left-node raising in Japanese (slides) yt_18_13.png
13:00–14:00 LUNCH
14:00–15:30 SESSION 3 (chair: John Payne)
  Miriam Butt, Sebastian Sulger, Mutee U Rahman and Tafseer Ahmed:
Adverb Agreement in Urdu and Sindhi (handout) yt_18_13.png
  Nigel Vincent and Kersti Börjars:
Heads and history (slides)
15:30–16:00 COFFEE

Friday (29 July 2016)

09:30–11:00 SESSION 1 (chair: Nurit Melnik)
  Damir Ćavar, Lwin Moe, Joshua Herring, Hai Hu and Kenneth Steimel:
Preliminary Results from the Free Linguistic Environment Project (Google slides, PDF slides) yt_18_13.png
  Agnieszka Patejuk:
Integrating a rich external valence dictionary with an implemented XLE/LFG grammar (slides)
11:00–11:30 COFFEE
11:30–13:00 SESSION 2 (chair: Kersti Börjars)
  Rickard Ramhöj:
The Argument Structure of Passive Raising in Swedish yt_18_13.png
  Liesbeth Augustinus:
Word order variation in Dutch and German verb clusters (slides) yt_18_13.png
13:00–14:00 LUNCH
14:00–15:30 SESSION 3 (chair: Helge Lødrup)
  Olivier Bonami, Robert D. Borsley and Maggie Tallerman:
On pseudo-non-finite clauses in Welsh (slides)
  Jamie Y. Findlay:
The Prepositional Passive in Lexical Functional Grammar (handout)
15:30–16:00 COFFEE
16:00–17:30 SESSION 4 (chair: Robert D. Borsley)
  Kersti Börjars, Khawla Ghadgoud and John Payne:
Aspectual object marking in Libyan Arabic (slides, handout)
  Pegah Faghiri and Pollet Samvelian:
How much structure is needed: The case of the Persian VP (slides)